Small Business Development Center Services

Credit Counseling - review an individual's credit report and identify problems; determine a course of action to improve a credit score over time; discussion of the different types of tradelines that may appear on a credit report and how that affects the individual

Debt Structure Planning - discussion of the business's cash flow needs; description of different financial options available; development of a plan to obtain financing using a variety of options to best fit the business

Pro Forma Financials - discussion of an individual's anticipated income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and cash inflows and cash outflows and the basis used to determine; assistance in building the financials for a start-up business

Business Plan Assistance - description of a business plan and the uses of the plan; basic templates to assist the individual in the development of the business plan; review and discussion of the drafts of the plan

Feasibility Analysis - discussion of the individual's business idea; discussion of the individual's experience in the industry/field; discussion of potential market for product/service and competition; analysis of potential profitability of the proposed idea; basic template to assist the individual in the creation of the feasibility analysis

Bank Relations - introduce individuals to different lenders and financial institutions that match their business needs; prepare entrepreneurs for future loan interviews

Assistance in Locating Funding - after discussion of the individual's business funding needs, referral to various loan programs to best fit the individual and their specific business needs

Referrals to Specialists in Various Fields - during the interaction between the counselor and the individual special services may be needed to provide the individual with further in-depth assistance